Heute Morgen empfing ich dieses wunderbare Emailgeschenk von meiner Freundin Vanessa. Wir begleiten unsere Leben schon seit fast 30 Jahren – und haben bis zu meiner Idee mit der Sehheldin noch nie in Tiefe über unsere Augen, unsere Ängste, unsere Erfahrungen gesprochen.

Wenn wir uns nicht ernst nehmen, wie können andere dies dann tun?

There is something remarkable about not being recognized

“When I read the blog Sehheldin , I felt called.

There is something remarkable about not being recognized in my struggle that is effecting my entire life, my whole being and the choices I can make.

I really want to congratulate Anne Niesen for daring to state a very uncomfortable state of being. Living in a BLUR that is not blurry enough to get official support and not clear enough to (easily) do the normal thing and being invisible with this unspoken of challenge.

I have not seen anybody else address this topic. – I know there are more, we are not the only ones. I see signs of it all over the place including in my own life.

Reflecting on Sehheldin’s articles, I came to realize:  I too, with “only”  -9 dpt with astigmatism, am moving in that blury, grey inbetween zone.  Even though I am far away from any official label of being handicapped and even far away from what most people consider very noteworthy.

And yet: I can’t drive by night, computer work causes eye pain after 30 minutes. I don’t see much in swimming pools and thus go far less than I would love to, running on trails is a real challenge and I need my dog to help me find my way safely.  Skiing is impossible as I cannot see the depth of the shades of white.

There were times when I was brave and did give it a try to only realize I would horrify myself – which actually made my eyes function even less well.

And still: I was too proud and possibly too unaware to realize that I too am living and moving in a kind of grey zone of being visibly challenged. Reading Anne’s website made me think and reflect and realize this is a topic effecting not just me . I figure there are more of us that do not see crisp images and somehow fumble in a blur – and still somewhat magically manage.

In my perception any one with vision challenges is a HERO mastering everyday life. Even more so as the current world is now more and more becoming focused on image communication and screen time. 

Thank you, Anne, for giving us a platform to communicate worldwide ,
Best From BC CANADA.”

Thank YOU, Vanessa.

Nicht normal

Genau darum geht es mir. Ab – 6 dpt wird Kurzsichtigkeit als pathologisch bezeichnet und gilt nicht mehr al „normal“. Wusstet ihr das? Ich nicht, bis vor 3 Monaten.

Mir hat das niemand erzählt, es war so wie es war. Nie wäre ich früher auf die Idee gekommen, mein Leben daraufhin zu untersuchen: Wie beeinflusst meine schlechte Sicht, meine verschwommene Sicht, mein Selbstbild, meine Möglichkeiten, meine Lebenseinstellungen?

Diese Zusammenhänge müssen gesehen und gewürdigt werden.
Von uns, damit wir uns eine Stimme geben können. Wenn wir es nicht tun, wer dann?

Wie sind deine Erfahrungen? Wann hast du begonnen, deine Kurzsichtigkeit als relevant zu sehen? Welche Zusammenhänge zu deinen Lebenseinstellungen siehst du?

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